Do you have a question about advocacy strategy in your state? Are you looking for the right arguments to use to convince your legislators about the importance of public arts funding? Do you need to know the latest information about a legislative issue in Congress? NASAA Legislative Counsel Isaac Brown is available to provide prompt answers to your inquiries. Contact him at or 202-540-9162.

Making Your Case

Why Should Government Support the Arts?
Who's Who in Government Arts Funding
Three Simple Ways to Advocate for the Arts
Being an Arts Ambassador
Return on Investment: The Federal Government, States and the Arts
Fallacies of the Kansas Veto
What Do I Say? Tips for Advocacy Meetings
Advocacy and Lobbying: Speaking Up for the Arts
The Arts in Public Policy: An Advocacy Agenda
Learning from Legislators
Contending with Economic Uncertainty—Advocacy Talking Points
National Governors Association Issue Briefs

Assessing Your Strength

Arts Advocacy Checklist: A Self-Evaluation Tool for State Arts AgenciesNASAA member-only content
Arts Advocacy Checklist: A Self-Evaluation Tool for Arts Organizations and Advocates

Mobilizing Your Support

Campaigning for Public Arts Support
E-Advocacy: On-Line Strategies for Arts Advocacy
Advocacy Strategies in an Economic Downturn
Advocacy for Public Support of the Arts: A Civic Responsibility
Advocacy by Arts Organizations: Tax Laws and Lobbying
Access to Power: Building Political Clout for the Arts

Expanding Your Influence

Governor's Arts Awards
Forty Action Strategies
Advocacy and Term Limits: Developing Arts Support in the Legislature Early
Arts Advocates in the Legislature: A Legislative Caucus on the Arts
Ten Ways to Convert Legislators into Arts Advocates
Facing Controversy: Arts Issues and Crisis Communications

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