NASAA provides national representation for state arts agencies, ensuring that their policy and resource interests have a persuasive voice in Washington. Federal updates, alerts and issue briefs keep NASAA members up to date and inform their ongoing contacts in Congress. NASAA's policy paper, Advancing America's Creativity: An Agenda for Leadership in Support of the Arts and Cultural Activities guides our advocacy and policy positions in dialogue with the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, with our colleagues in the cultural community, and with other audiences.

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Legislative Alerts / Legislative Updates

May 7, 2015: Education Policy in Progress

April 14, 2015: Senate Committee Holds Hearing Today on Education Reform Bill

April 9, 2015: Make Contact with Congress

March 24, 2015: House Letter Supports Increase in NEA Funding

March 23, 2015: Advocate for Federal Arts Funding

March 18, 2015: SAAs & NASAA Urge Support for NEA at House Hearing

March 12, 2015: Arts Advocacy Plan: NEA, Education

February 2, 2015: President's FY2016 Budget Recommends Modest NEA Increase

December 14, 2014: Congress Passes Budget for Remainder of FY2015

July 15, 2014: House Committee Votes to Maintain Current Funding for NEA

July 8, 2014: House Committee Unveils NEA Budget, Plans Hearing for Wednesday

June 12, 2014: Senate Approves Jane Chu to Lead NEA

May 14, 2014: NEA Chair Nominee Approved by Senate Committee

April 25, 2014: NEA Nomination Advancing

April 10, 2014: NASAA Testimony on FY2015 NEA Budget

April 3, 2014: Prominent Republican Proposes Privatizing the NEA

March 4, 2014: President's FY2015 Budget Includes Level Funding for the NEA

February 13, 2014: President Intends to Nominate Chu to Lead NEA

January 17, 2014: Important Provisions in FY2014 Appropriations Bill

January 14, 2014: Budget for Remainder of FY2014 Appears Near

December 19, 2013: Senate Approves FY2014 Budget Framework

December 13, 2013: House Passes Budget Framework; Senate to Consider Next Week

November 7, 2013: Congress Toils over 2014 Budget after Federal Shutdown

October 17, 2013: Legislative Alert: Congress Agrees on on Budget; Government Reopens

October 1, 2013: Federal Shutdown in Effect Today

August 1, 2013: Legislation Cutting Funding for NEA Stalls

July 22, 2013: House Subcommittee Proposes Cuts to NEA Funding

July 18, 2013: House to Vote on ESEA Bill

July 12, 2013: Despite Stalled Congress, Measures Important to Arts Community Advance

June 13, 2013: Senate to Consider Immigration Bill Amendment Important to Arts Community

June 6, 2013: Senate Democrats Introduce Education Reform Bill

March 1, 2013: Sequestration's Effects on the NEA

February 22, 2013: Federal Arts Education Policy Updates

January 2, 2013: The Fiscal Cliff Vote: Implications for Arts Funding



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