Advancing America's Creativity:
An Agenda for Leadership in Support of the Arts and Cultural Activities

Advancing America's Creativity: An Agenda for Leadership in Support of the Arts and Cultural Activities is the policy paper that conveys to the president and the Congress of the United States recommendations from NASAA on behalf of the nation's state arts agencies.

This document also guides NASAA advocacy and policy positions in dialogue with the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, with our colleagues in the cultural community, and with other audiences. This document clarifies NASAA directions, decisions and coalition-building regarding such specific policy issues as an increase in NEA support, the importance of arts education to fostering innovation and progress, and the use of arts and cultural resources to address national challenges.

Advancing America's Creativity will be shared with presidential and congressional candidates, the transition team, and with Congress as appropriate. In addition, we will share it with the other national arts and humanities service organizations that NASAA works with in the Cultural Advocacy Group to craft and advocate for a unified federal agenda. State arts agency leaders are encouraged to discuss the document with staff and council members, to make it a topic of conversation and a blueprint for action with constituents, and to provide us with feedback on its content and best use.

Advancing America's Creativity is informed by and consistent with the priorities expressed in the current NASAA Strategic Plan. Implementing the recommendations in Advancing America's Creativity will bring the vision and benefits of the NASAA Strategic Plan closer to being a reality in our national life.

NASAA's mission is to strengthen state arts agencies.
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