December 19, 2011: House and Senate Pass 2012 Funding, Restate 40% State Share

November 1, 2011: Senate Panel Approves Education Overhaul

August 9, 2011: Debt Ceiling Deal Spells Deep Cuts in Discretionary Funds

July 29, 2011: House Votes against NEA Funding Cuts; Strong Comeback for Arts Advocacy

July 28, 2011: House Votes against Further Cuts to NEA Funds; Bill Sets FY2012 Arts Appropriation at $135M

July 26, 2011: ACTION ALERT UPDATE--House Defeats Amendment to Eliminate NEA Funds; Continue to Ask Your Representatives on Wednesday to Vote to Defeat Further Cuts to NEA Budget

July 25, 2011: ACTION ALERT EXTRA--Contact Your Representatives: Defeat Further Cuts to NEA Budget

July 22, 2011: ACTION ALERT: Contact Your U.S. Representatives; Register Your Support for the NEA

July 13, 2011: House Appropriators Approve NEA at $135 Million in FY2012; Committee Honors 40% Share to States

July 8, 2011: Contact House Appropriators: Protect NEA Funds from Further Cuts

July 6: House Draft Bill to Set NEA Funds at $135 Million in 2012

June 24, 2011: House Set to Draft Arts Funding Bill; TAKE ACTION: Contact Your Representatives

May 27, 2011: House Panel Votes to Eliminate Arts Ed; Prospects Uncertain

May 25, 2011: Take Action—Contact Your Representatives: Urge NEA Funding at $167.5 Million, Maintain 40% to States

May 23, 2011: Take Action: House Panel to Vote on Arts Ed Elimination

May 11, 2011: NEA FY2012 Budget Questioned at House Hearing

April 12, 2011: Final 2011 Budget Bill Sets NEA Funds at $155 Million

March 31, 2011: Action Update: 2011 and 2012 Budget Issues

March 7, 2011: Action Update: Senate Democrats' Bill Maintains NEA Funding Level

March 4, 2011: Take Action: FY2011 Spending Bill Eliminates Arts Ed; NEA Funds at Risk

March 1, 2011: Take Action: Urge Senators to Maintain NEA Funding

February 18, 2011: House Moves to Wrap up 2011 Funding Bill, Action Moves to Senate

February 17, 2011: House Takes up 2011 Funding Bill, Votes for Deeper Cuts in NEA

February 16, 2011: URGENT—Take Action: Oppose Amendments to Further Cuts, Elimination of NEA 2011 Funding

February 14, 2011: President's 2012 Budget Proposes NEA Fund Cut

February 14, 2011: UPDATE—Take Action: New House Money Bill Would Cut $22 Million From NEA

February 11, 2011: Take Action: House Votes Expected on 2011 Funds; House Appropriations Committee Struggles with Cuts, Lists NEA

January 26, 2011: House Republican Caucus Group Proposes NEA Elimination

January 19, 2011: Take Action: Contact Your New Legislators in Congress; Urge Support for Federal Arts Funding

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