2010 Assembly NASAA Texas Commission on the Arts
Assembly 2010, October 14-16, 2010, Austin, Texas

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Flashes of Inspiration
A Lightning Round of Creative Ideas from the Field

New at Assembly 2010, Flashes of Inspiration was a series of fast-paced and highly visual presentations designed to inform and inspire in just five minutes apiece. The series showcased 10 successful programs and fresh ideas from states and regions. Presenters tackled a wide range of issues with candor, insight and humor as well as a quick tempo. Similar in spirit to many Pecha KuchaTM and IgniteTM events from the design communities around the world, there was time designated for networking and discussion after the show. For additional information about the programs featured, contact each presenter below. To suggest a program for a future Flashes session of your own (yes, we'll do it again and will record it next time!), contact Eric Giles.

New Audience Road Show
Katie Fox
Program Director
South Carolina Arts Council

The New Audience Road Show program, created by the South Carolina Arts Commission, takes a communitywide, education-based approach to building arts participation among young adults. It's working, and it's serious fun.

The Art of Action
Diane Scolaro
Communications & Development Director
Vermont Arts Council

Informed by the voices of ordinary Vermonters, the work created for The Art of Action was inspired by the social, cultural and political issues affecting the future of the state. It grew to be an astounding project: 300 artists applied, 10 were commissioned and 105 pieces of artwork were created.

Arts in Alternative Education (ALTED)
Michael Eddens
Director of Arts Education Programs
Oklahoma Arts Council

The Arts in Alternative Education program provides funds to assist with hands-on instruction and participation in the Arts in Alternative Education programs in public schools in Oklahoma. The program is offered through a partnership of the Oklahoma Arts Council and the state department of education and is designed to motivate students whose needs are not met by traditional educational services.

Enough Good People: Intercultural Collaborations
Chris Howell
Deputy Director
Kansas Arts Commission

Enough Good People offered members of the Circle of Tribal Advisors an opportunity to share their observations and lessons learned about participating in the national commemorations of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial from 2003-2006. This book is focused on working with tribal communities and planning for future national commemorations, but the recommendations can be used to work with any community hosting or planning culturally significant events.

Communications in Tough Times
Jaime Dempsey
Deputy Director
Arizona Commission on the Arts

Casey Blake
Communications and Research Director
Arizona Commission on the Arts

As the Arizona economy worsened, the Arizona Commission on the Arts observed arts organizations and public agencies significantly reducing promotional and communications efforts. The Arizona Commission on the Arts made a strategic decision to increase the agency's efforts in these areas. Over three years the Commission renovated its communications strategies, investing time and resources in new products and multilayered approaches to communicate with swiftness and accuracy. It has played a lead role in creating awareness about the soured economy's effects on the arts industry, ramped up efforts to serve as a consistent, reliable resource to the arts field, taken advantage of opportunities to foster optimism in the sector, and tried to accomplish it all with clarity and candor.


Montana, The Land of Creativity
Cinda Holt
Business Development Specialist
Montana Arts Council

The Montana Arts Council takes its political management seriously. Through the creation of new programs and the redesign of existing grants and programs, grantees and their political leaders are actively mobilizing to promote the public value of the arts. In effect, by using its own grants and programs, the agency is creating an effective statewide advocacy effort.

Creative Communities = Economic Development
Donna McNeil
Executive Director
Maine Arts Commission

Finally, grant dollars behind the creative economy concept! Maine's largest single community grant, Creative Communities = Economic Development, or CCED, supports the revitalization of communities through the coming together of business, government and the creative sector to create a sustainable plan for growth with arts and culture as an equal, recognized and valued partner.

Doug Suisman, FAIA
Principal, Suisman Urban Design

Presenting on behalf of the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism (CCT), Suisman shared that Hartford's historic and compact downtown contains more than 45 significant cultural assets. But to the pedestrian, this rich collection of important destinations seems dispersed and fragmented by a public environment that is not especially lively or walkable. Sponsored by a consortium of arts organizations and with support from CCT, the iQuilt plan envisions a network of park-to-river pedestrian routes and vibrant public spaces that weave together Hartford's cultural fabric, boost the cultural economy, and strengthen the city's cultural identity and pride.

Creative Vitality Index
Ryan Stubbs
Director of Research
Western States Arts Federation

John Bryce Merrill
Research Fellow
Western States Arts Federation

WESTAF researchers Ryan Stubbs and Dr. Bryce Merrill presented an overview of a common arts administrator ailment: Creative Economitis. The researchers provided a brief background of the disease and presented a possible cure, the new Creative Vitality(TM) Index Data on Demand web tool. This presentation provided a brief overview of this new tool for accessing creative economic outputs for states and localities.

S*!* Happens: Is Your Agency Ready to Respond?
Become ArtsReady

Mollie Lakin-Hayes
Deputy Director
South Arts

S*!* happens, to you, your agency, your arts community. If you haven't had a crisis yet, just wait: you will. Here are some key principles to being ready, responsive and resilient.




Flashes of Inspiration evoked cheers from a standing-room-only crowd at Assembly 2010.
Photo courtesy of Barton Wilder Custom Images

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