About NASAA Assembly 2014

NASAA and the Louisiana Office of Cultural Development look forward to seeing you at:

Assembly 2014
November 13-15
New Orleans, Louisiana

Photo courtesy of Louisiana Office of Cultural Development

"Second lining" musicians follow the main band. Photo by Richard Nowitz, courtesy New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau

Who Should Participate?

Whether you are a state arts agency staff member or an appointed council member, NASAA is your community. Assembly convenings are a unique opportunity to be part of an influential national network of arts leaders.

In addition to informational sessions and artistic inspiration, Assembly 2014 features a full array of peer group meetings. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with individuals from around the country who share similar roles and responsibilities.

Five Good Reasons to Attend

1. Learn new information and skills. Expert presenters share the latest trends from inside and outside the state arts agency field at Assembly 2014. On the agenda you can expect:

  • briefing sessions that succinctly showcase emerging trends, new research and exemplary practices;

  • topical discussions that probe issues in depth and offer skills useful to public art leaders;

  • Flashes of Inspiration, a perennially fresh Assembly favorite;

  • a full half-day of peer sessions (!) on Friday morning, November 14, to give you ample time to link up with your colleagues.

See the NASAA Assembly 2014 Agenda. Be sure to check back often for more details on sessions, speakers and artists.

2. It's New Orleans! New Orleans is second to none for culture, food, historic architecture and joie de vivre! The Louisiana Office of Cultural Development showcases outstanding creative talent throughout the conference. After hours, enjoy NOLA's renowned attractions and active nightlife. The conference hotel is located directly adjacent to the French Quarter, New Orleans's oldest neighborhood and a magnet for writers, musicians and artists of all disciplines.

3. Brag on your state. Assembly 2014 offers a marketplace of good ideas where you can gain great tips and offer your own state's solutions to shared challenges. When all states participate in the conference, the learning and networking opportunities are enhanced for everyone.

4. Salute Jonathan Katz. NASAA's CEO of 29 years is stepping down as of Assembly 2014. Join your NASAA colleagues in sending him off in style!

5. Get inspired . . . and make it contagious. NASAA meetings are a great way to stimulate your own creative thinking and learn how to inspire others to recognize—and invest in—the essential work of state arts agencies.

More Details

For more information on Assembly 2014, check out the session lineup, peer group agendas, keynote speaker and artist information, and area attractions. And don't forget to register!


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