NASAA provides two categories of service to state arts agencies. Core services include NASAA's ongoing information, representation and communications services. Supplemental services, described below, are special services requested by individual members on an occasional basis. They are provided, for a fee, to state arts agencies as well as to other groups, such as local arts funders, corporations, foundations and associations.

NASAA uses all proceeds from supplemental services to support core services to members. This makes engaging NASAA a "double winner" for state arts agencies: not only do you and your constituents receive superior service from NASAA, but your funds continue to benefit your agency—and all state arts agencies—over time. No other investment you make in training, research or consulting services carries that added value.

Supplemental service options include:

Programs for Your Constituents

Numerous state arts agencies engage NASAA to deliver high-quality keynote presentations and workshops at statewide conferences, leadership events and training institutes. These sessions give your local artists, arts organizations, community leaders and advocates access to NASAA's national perspective and in-depth knowledge. >>More

Council and Staff Education

Designed specifically for state arts agency staff and council members, these sessions help state arts agencies address a variety of state arts agency trends, strategic issues and leadership fundamentals. >>More


Advocacy training from NASAA will boost the case-making skills of your council members and constituents. NASAA also offers a comprehensive assessment to help strengthen your advocacy practices, identify potential advocacy partners and build positive relationships with elected officials. >>More


Members can take advantage of NASAA's research expertise to conduct constituent surveys, comparative program research, in-depth data analyses, custom mapping projects, literature reviews or program evaluations. For more information, contact Chief Program and Planning Officer Kelly Barsdate.

Strategic Planning

NASAA also provides facilitation and consultation services to help state arts agencies make the most of strategic planning. Tapping NASAA's planning experience and unparalleled knowledge of state arts agencies can help your agency design and execute a plan that is inclusive, empowering and appropriate to your circumstances. >>More

Guiding Principles

As a benefit of NASAA membership, state arts agencies receive discounts off of the prevailing market rate for all services. Supplemental services are secured on a first-come, first-served basis with member agencies taking priority over other clients.

NASAA's supplemental services are designed to deliver excellent services to members as well as to provide earned income that supplements member dues and funds raised by NASAA. Here are some of the principles that inform how we implement this part of our strategic plan:

Revenues from supplemental activities will be used to sustain and expand core services. This ensures that each engagement will benefit not only an individual state, but NASAA and all state arts agencies over time.

Core benefits come first. NASAA will not accept engagements that compromise our ability to provide ongoing services to all members.

Member requests for service take priority over nonmember requests. Requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fees will be based on the fair market value of the work. All member state arts agencies will receive a discount. Prices will cover the time required for travel, preparation and customization.

NASAA will be flexible to accommodate members' payment needs. Options include contracts, grants, dues attachments and payment plans over time.

NASAA will not "nickel and dime" members nor will we "convert" any products or services currently covered by dues into a fee basis.

Our menu of supplemental services will be developed strategically, and incrementally, to stay true to NASAA's mission and specialized expertise, to develop meaningful revenues, and to fit within NASAA's capacity. Reciprocal value and relevance to members will guide the choices of the services we offer.

For more information on options, availability and pricing, contact Interim CEO Kelly Barsdate or Executive Associate Jessica Galvano at 202-347-6352.

NASAA's mission is to strengthen state arts agencies.
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