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Friday, October 13, 2006

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Question: I want to encourage civic leaders in my state to become champions for arts education. What are some accessible - and inspirational - resources that can help me make the case?

Answer: In addition to showcasing success stories of local students who have benefited from arts education, you might consider sharing the following tools and resources with local officials, business leaders, educators and parents' groups:

Visions of the Future: Education in the Arts
A new 12-minute DVD from the Arts Education Partnership. Transcripts and ordering information are available at http://www.aep-arts.org/VisionsDVDhome.htm.

Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement
A concise summary of the latest research linking arts education with student achievement. See http://www.nasaa-arts.org/publications/critical-evidence.shtml.

How Creativity, Education and the Arts Spark a Modern Economy
Remarks by Sir Ken Robinson, available via the Education Commission of the States at http://www.ecs.org/clearinghouse/60/51/6051.pdf.

Advocacy Essentials
Collected by the Kennedy Center's ArtsEDGE at http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/content/3789/.