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Thursday, October 2, 2008

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State to State

Showcasing State Arts Agency Ingenuity

One of NASAA's roles is to foster connections among state arts agencies that facilitate the transfer of ideas and support learning. Assemblies—like the one NASAA just convened in Chattanooga, Tennessee—are great occasions to share inspirations with your state arts agency colleagues and learn what new programs are cropping up across the country. NASAA also works year-round to keep you abreast of innovative programs, policies and products in the state arts agency field. To expand these efforts, we launch this monthly sampler of state arts agency programs and services. Enjoy our inaugural edition, and be sure to send us information on your own "latest and greatest" efforts.



YouthReach Colorado Evaluation
Colorado Council on the Arts

In 2005, the Colorado Council on the Arts (CCA) initiated the YouthReach program to assist young people in making a successful transition from adolescence to young adulthood. Informed by earlier efforts in Ohio and Massachusetts, the Colorado program funds community-based organizations to integrate high quality arts experiences into youth development services. The CCA commissioned a comprehensive evaluation of the program from the National Research Center. The evaluation revealed that nearly half of participating youth reported improved academic engagement and involvement as a result of the program they attended. More than two-thirds reported they are better at taking responsibility for their actions and feel better about their futures. The evaluation also revealed that the YouthReach out-of-school programs raise the overall sense of self of youth participants and help to develop life skills more than other types of out-of-school programs. To learn more about the evaluation methods and results, view a summary or the full report. For more information about the YouthReach evaluation, contact CCA Executive Director Elaine Mariner.



Leadership Arts
Oklahoma Arts Council

Leadership Arts is a new initiative designed to foster a strong statewide network of community arts leaders and advocates across Oklahoma. Built on active learning principles, Leadership Arts is a four month leadership program that trains leaders to help their communities integrate the arts into community planning, economic development and civic action activities. The first class of Leadership Arts participants graduated in May 2008 and consisted of 30 individuals representing a broad base of expertise, including business, government, arts and education leaders from all quadrants of Oklahoma. For more information about the initiative, contact Georgia Williams, cultural development director of the Oklahoma Arts Council.


New Hampshire

Prescribing the Arts
New Hampshire State Council on the Arts

As part of their ongoing Arts in Health Care initiative, the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts has released a new 11-minute DVD documenting artist residency programs for patients and staff in New Hampshire hospitals, nursing homes and retirement centers that have been funded by the Arts Council. Designed to inspire health care providers to include participatory arts programs in their facilities, the DVD provides a concise and compelling introduction to the benefits of collaborating with artists to aid recovery and wellness. To promote the initiative and grant opportunity, the state arts agency is arranging a series of screenings/discussions across the state. For more information about the program, please contact Judy Rigmont, creative communities coordinator at the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, at 603-271-0794.



Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program
Utah Arts Council

In 2008, the Utah State Legislature funded the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program, a new public/private arts education initiative that allocates funds to hire arts specialists for Utah schools. Administered by the Utah Arts Council, the program will provide $16 million over four years to hire art specialists to work with elementary school teachers. The program also promotes partnerships with universities that offer pre-service and professional training, and supports the supply of instruments and art materials. A portion of the funding will be used to evaluate student progress. For more information please review the program guidelines or contact Lydia Durand, communications manager at the Utah Arts Council.



Art and Soul
Idaho Commission on the Arts

In partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts American Masterpieces initiative, the Idaho Commission on the Arts is sponsoring a series of public radio stories about 20 Idaho artists, performers and writers who have been honored by state or national awards. The Art & Soul series began on September 3 and will run for 20 weeks on public radio stations in Idaho and eastern Washington. Details about broadcast times, session sequence, examples of the featured artists and streaming content are available at Boise State Radio. For more information on the Art and Soul program, contact Michael Faison, executive director of the commission.

NASAA's information-sharing depends on your participation. What are your most successful current initiatives? Have you launched any great programs, services or partnerships? Are you demonstrating administrative creativity, managerial brilliance or ingenious problem-solving? We want to hear about it! Contact Jesse Rye (202-347-6352 x118), NASAA's policy and program associate. Include your name, your agency, a brief description of your project and a contact name and email address for more information.