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Thursday, January 8, 2009

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State to State

Showcasing State Arts Agency Ingenuity



Expanding Access to Applicant Learning
Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

The Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) introduced two new aspects to its grant panel process to maximize the opportunity of the panel as a learning experience for its clients. The first change was the inclusion of a brief question and answer period for applicants attending the meeting. This dialogue between constituents and panelists provided a beneficial occasion for feedback and increased applicants' motivation to attend. Another change was the introduction of distance learning technology. The geography of Michigan presents challenges for Upper Peninsula clients who often must travel great distances to attend a panel in Lansing. In partnership with two northern Michigan universities, MCACA's Upper Peninsula applicants now have the convenient option to participate in the question and answer portion of the panel by using distance learning technology. As a result of the changes, the in-person and "virtual" attendance of grant panel meetings climbed from 10% to 62% in one year. Future plans for expanding the panel experience include a networking room and professional development opportunities for applicants. For more information, contact MCACA Executive Director John Bracey.



Architectural Survey of Historic Performing Arts Facilities
Tennessee Arts Commission

The Tennessee Arts Commission (TAC) has launched the research phase of an architectural survey to assess Tennessee's historic performing arts facilities. This multi-year project will help the TAC to preserve and promote facilities that have played a central role in the cultural and community development of numerous Tennessee towns. The state's performing arts facilities — many of which were built prior to 1970 and are still standing — are significant heritage assets and cultural tourism magnets. The project also will inform the agency's long-range plan to establish a design program that could provide technical assistance and capital improvement to historic performance facilities. For more information about the project, contact TAC Performing Arts Director Hal Partlow.


New York

Cultural Blueprints
New York State Council on the Arts

Cultural Blueprints is a statewide series of public forums initiated by the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) to identify regional and statewide strategies for the arts to serve as a catalyst for cultural, economic and community development. Over the past several months, NYSCA staff, working with Empire State Development's (ESD) regional directors and local arts councils, has brought together more than 1,000 people in nine regions of the state to discuss strategies for strengthening the creative sector and maximizing the impact of the arts on economic renewal. These conversations gather leaders from the arts, business, economic development, tourism, transportation, labor, philanthropy and education communities to identify opportunities for coordinated action. The Cultural Blueprint process geographically and thematically corresponds to the ESD Regional Blueprint process, a set of conversations in the economic development sector that had taken place across upstate New York in the previous year. Each regional session lasts approximately five hours and includes introductory remarks by representatives of NYSCA, ESD regional directors, regional arts partners and local political leaders. Facilitated breakout sessions focus on five key themes: infrastructure, intellectual capital and work force development, international and global thinking, investment and financial models, and image and identity. The sessions conclude with a plenary focusing on the identified priorities and actionable next steps. NYSCA will conclude the Cultural Blueprint series this summer in the five boroughs of New York City. NYSCA has documented summaries of each regional meeting, in addition to press coverage, on the Cultural Blueprints Web site. The Cultural Blueprints blog serves as a forum to continue conversations from the regional sessions. For additional information, contact NYSCA Director of Public and Governmental Affairs Sasha Soreff.


North Dakota

Arts Dakota
North Dakota Council on the Arts

ARTS DAKOTA is a statewide exhibition that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the North Dakota Council on the Arts (NDCA). The exhibition, which focuses exclusively on professional and amateur North Dakota artists, is sponsored by the North Dakota Art Gallery Association, New Bohemia North Dakota, and the NDCA. On tour through March 2010, the exhibition will travel to 10 communities throughout the state and will feature work from 60 artists in multiple disciplines. The sponsors of the exhibition hope the exhibition not only will showcase the participating artists but will give citizens of the state who do not identify as artists a better understanding of the arts resources and arts organizations available to assist them. For more information, contact NDCA Public Information Officer Amy Schmidt.



CORE Arts Program
Mississippi Arts Commission

The CORE Arts Initiative of the Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC) supports programs that are developed with and within the juvenile justice system. Detention centers, adolescent offender programs, alternative schools, holding facilities and community-based after-school and summer programs are all settings for CORE Arts programs. The CORE Arts Program Report: 1999 - 2007 (5.5 MB pdf) documents the program's development and summarizes the findings of three studies conducted on the program. The report includes a history of the program, a description of the CORE Arts model, program outcomes and characteristics that advance CORE Arts goals. The report is intended to assist the MAC and its community partners as they consider the program's future. For further information about CORE Arts and the program report, contact MAC Director of Community Development Allison Winstead.

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