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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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Executive Director's Column

Participating in the Evolution of the Arts

NASAA Executive Director Jonathan Katz

In their quest to articulate, exhibit and dramatize meaningful experiences in a global environment exploding with new data and information, artists are transcending boundaries. To survive and thrive, they are becoming adept at using technology to make the experiences they offer continuous and mutually enhancing. The future of state arts agencies will be determined in large measure by the success of their leaders in clarifying and communicating the public interest in what artists do and what we all do as artists.


Announcements and Resources

News and Current Information

July 16 Deadline for NASAA Awards Nominations . . . Next NASAA Web Seminar: 2011 Budget Forecast, July 30 . . . Assembly 2010 Peer Groups Forming . . . List Your Statewide Event in NASAA's Community Calendar . . . New Grant Program from HUD Encourages Arts Partnerships . . . Technology Needs Assessment Survey . . . 2010 Coming Up Taller Awards Semifinalists . . . Innovation Lab for the Performing Arts, Round 5 . . . Open Dialogue 2010 to Focus on Cultural Democracy . . . Charitable Giving Report . . . Learning for Social Impact . . .


Legislative Update

Congress Lags in Budget Process; Advocacy Opportunities in HUD Initiative; Bill Would Strengthen Nonprofits

NASAA Legislative Counsel Thomas L. Birch

Congress has very little enthusiasm for taking up appropriations bills this year. . . . New grant funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers partnership and advocacy opportunities for state arts agencies. . . . A bill introduced in the House is designed to provide a vehicle to study how nonprofit organizations and the federal government can work together more effectively. . . .


State to State

Showcasing State Arts Agency Ingenuity

Jesse Rye

New Leaders Arts Council works to engage and retain Michigan youth . . . New models for arts integration and artist residencies in Alaska . . . Promoting traditional small businesses in Maryland . . . Temporary public art program in New Mexico . . . Artists in North Dakota's state parks . . .


Research on Demand

Mapping the Reach of State and Federal Grants

NASAA Research Director Angela Han

The National Endowment for the Arts, state arts agencies and regional arts organizations provide grants across the nation as a part of their work to increase public access to the arts. NASAA can provide state arts agency members customized maps that show grants information to meet their needs. . . .


Did You Know?

Changing Demographics Will Affect the Future of Museums

By 2050, African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders collectively will become the new U.S. majority, while non-Hispanic whites will comprise less than 50% of the population. As the minority becomes the majority, how can museums encourage increased participation and remain relevant to their communities? . . .