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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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State to State

Showcasing State Arts Agency Ingenuity


Retention and Engagement Youth Grant Program
Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

The Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA), through its New Leaders Arts Council of Michigan (NLACM) advisory group, recently offered the Retention and Engagement Youth Grant Program to Michigan nonprofit organizations. The program, designed to provide opportunities for young people to engage each other and their communities, supports youth-based projects within organizations as a part of a community engagement and retention strategy. The purpose of NLACM, a subcommittee of MCACA, is to engage young people in the arts and culture of Michigan. The goals of NLACM are to increase young people's access to arts and culture programs within Michigan; advise MCACA on issues relating to young people's participation in, access to and development through arts and culture in Michigan; support programs, projects and initiatives of MCACA; and promote the value of arts and culture to a community. The development of the Retention and Engagement Youth Grant Program was the next step in the professional development process for NLACM. NLACM set the priorities for the Retention and Engagement Program, helped design the guidelines and review criteria, served as the review panel and made their funding recommendations to the Council. The New Leaders recommended 10 applications for fiscal year 2010 funding and MCACA recently took action on those grant requests, which totaled $22,100. For additional information, contact MCACA Executive Director John Bracey.



New Visions Grant
Alaska State Council on the Arts

The Alaska State Council on the Arts (ASCA) recently completed the first year of the New Visions Grant Initiative. The initiative consists of ASCA providing three pilot school districts—Bering Strait School District, Copper River School District and Kodiak School District—$10,000 matching grants for three years to assist in developing new models of arts integration and residency programs. The initiative focuses on professional development for staff, curriculum writing, leadership training and bringing Alaskan Teaching Artists to work with students. The development of the New Visions Initiative was in response to the results gathered from On Thin Ice: Arts Education in Alaska Schools, a statewide comprehensive survey of arts education conducted through a collaboration of ASCA, the Alaska Arts Education Consortium and the Alaska Council of School Administrators. In August 2009, after consulting with administrators from the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, the three diverse Alaskan districts were targeted and approached to participate in the program. The superintendents from Bering Strait, Copper River and Kodiak all agreed to participate and to dedicate matching funds for district program development. Annie Calkins, a consultant working with the initiative, is in the process of evaluating its first year. Noteworthy developments include all three districts exceeding the required financial match; connections and commitments across the New Vision districts resulting in collaboration for professional development; the Bering Strait district integrating arts and artists into summer-school curriculum and assessing whether it has a positive impact on summer-school attendance; Copper River hosting its first artist-in-school residency and working on how to use the arts to make its curriculum more exciting; and Kodiak pioneering an initiative that uses video teleconferencing to teach music in rural districts. To learn more about the New Visions Initiative or the On Thin Ice: Arts Education in Alaska Schools report, contact ASCA Executive Director Charlotte Fox or ASCA Arts Education Consultant Annie Calkins.



Traditional Small Business Recognition Program
Maryland State Arts Council

Maryland Traditions, the folklife program of the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC), recently announced the Traditional Small Business Recognition Program. The new program is a collaborative initiative of Maryland Traditions, MSAC, the Maryland Division of Tourism, Film and the Arts, and the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. The program will recognize the cultural contributions of small businesses that serve as a model and perpetuate Maryland's traditional cultural forms and experiences. In Maryland, small businesses, such as those centered in communities for multiple generations, often serve as the public place where residents and visitors gather to experience living traditions in context. Small businesses and the traditions they embody and strengthen are worthy of recognition and celebration. The intent of the program is that small businesses in Maryland will benefit from the additional business and attention this recognition could generate. Categories for nomination in the program include family businesses, artisan, entertainment, creative design, food, service, merchandise, industrial, agricultural, maritime, recreation and textiles. To find out more, contact MSAC Program Director for Folk and Traditional Arts Clifford Murphy or Maryland Traditions Co-Director Elaine Eff.


New Mexico

New Mexico Arts

The T.I.M.E. (Temporary Installations Made for the Environment) project of New Mexico Arts (NMA) provides the agency an opportunity to partner with a local community each year to commission up to 10 temporary, visually engaging, and conceptually rich environmental artworks. The artwork, which relates to a designated theme for the community, is displayed for a short term, with the opening of the exhibit tied to an important community event. NMA is interested in interactive art that encourages an audience response and transforms participants into active contributors to the creative process. The artworks are displayed for the length of the exhibit, and at the end of the exhibition are disassembled and removed, leaving no trace of having existed. T.I.M.E. was inspired by the emerging public art trend to engage artists interested in creating more spontaneous and immediate artworks with short life spans. NMA hopes that this kind of project will engage both communities and artists in the public art process. The current project for 2010 is a partnership with the Pojoaque Pueblo and the New Mexico Tourism Department. For more information, contact NMA Public Art Program Manager Chuck Zimmer.


North Dakota

Artist in Residency Program
North Dakota Council on the Arts

The North Dakota Council on the Arts (NDCA) in partnership with North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department is expanding the Artist in Residency Program within North Dakota state parks. The program is a collaborative effort to incorporate the arts into the interpretive and educational activities presented by the Parks and Recreation Department. The program will recruit writers, composers, and visual and performing artists to immerse themselves in North Dakota's natural resources and express their experience through their craft and talent. The artists will have the opportunity to live in a park for one week. In return, the park will ask the artist to donate a piece of work to the park's collection and grant the park the right to reproduce the work. Artists must provide on-site interactions such as demonstrations or workshops to park visitors and staff. The residency is intended for artists who deeply care about the environment; the works completed under this program are intended to characterize the state's beauty for present and future generations. In addition to free housing for the week, the artists receive a $1,200 stipend. Learn more by contacting NDCA Public Information Officer Amy Schmidt.

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