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Thursday, October 7, 2010

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Executive Director's Column

Let's Assemble!

NASAA President Suzette Surkamer shares her anticipation about Assembly 2010, where spending quality time in the community of our state arts agency peers is one of the main attractions. . . .


Announcements and Resources

News and Current Information


Legislative Update

Congress Postpones Funding Decisions; Arts Advocates Eye Tax Bill

NASAA Legislative Counsel Thomas L. Birch

As has happened in recent years, Congress is not finished with its appropriations bills before the start of the new fiscal year. Action on the appropriation for the National Endowment for the Arts depends on negotiations later this year between the House and Senate . . . Legislation has been introduced to extend several tax provisions, among them the IRA rollover, which has been especially helpful to larger charitable organizations in raising sizable contributions. . . .


State to State

Showcasing State Arts Agency Ingenuity

Looking for innovative state arts agency programs and products? Want to exchange ideas about services and practices with others in your field? Immerse yourself in the diverse gatherings of NASAA Assembly 2010, taking place October 14-16 in Austin, Texas. . . .


Research on Demand

State Arts Agency Grant Trends

NASAA Research Director Angela Han

In response to environmental shifts on several fronts, state arts agencies are adapting their grant programs. NASAA has summarized these trends in a new report. . . .


Did You Know?

Briefing Sessions at Assembly 2010

These popular sessions share new research, emerging trends and model practices around the country that are of benefit to state arts agencies. Check out this sampling of what you can expect when you get to Austin. . . .