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Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Coping with Cancer
The Journey of Healing in the Arts
South Dakota Arts Council

The Journey of Healing in the Arts is a collaborative program of the Sanford Cancer Center and the South Dakota Arts Council (SDAC). In combination with standard medical treatments, the Journey of Healing in the Arts uses creative activities to enhance patient care as well as to provide support for family members and other caregivers. This program provides numerous opportunities for patients to participate in positive, enriching and therapeutic arts projects as they cope with various stages of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The Journey of Healing

Photo copyright: Sanford Health

Activities are conducted by artists in residence supported by SDAC and the program is led by an artist experienced with Sanford's clinical programs and care philosophy. Resident artists rotate through the Sanford Cancer Center, Sanford Children's Hospital and Sanford University of South Dakota Medical Center Inpatient Oncology Unit. The artists work with patients and family members with the primary goal of reducing stress and pain. After creating "Bottles of Hope" with artists and volunteers, patients have opportunities to engage in poetry, journaling, sculpture and painting.

Participating patients have experienced multiple benefits from the Journey of Healing in the Arts program, including lowered blood pressure, reduced stress and an opportunity to express their emotions. The program also uses an internship component to involve local college students in organizing activities, assisting patients and documenting the program.

For information about SDAC's role in this collaboration, contact SDAC Executive Director Michael Pangburn or Assistant Director Rebecca DallaGrana. Visit the Sanford Cancer Center's Journey of Healing in the Arts page for an informational video.

Promoting the Arts
Art Supports Me Campaign
Vermont Arts Council

Art Supports Me

Photo courtesy of Jen Pelletier, Vermont Arts Council

Art Supports Me is a participatory public awareness campaign launched by the Vermont Arts Council (VAC) this fall. To fuel the campaign, VAC is interviewing audiences and artists at local cultural events as well as collecting stories and testimonials on-line. All stories gathered illustrate how the arts benefit Vermont residents, businesses and families. VAC is sharing the material through radio, television, web and print promotions to demonstrate how important the arts are to Vermont's economy, communities and voters.

Current campaign features include a virtual photo gallery, a Facebook page (which includes a weekly trivia contest with Art Supports Me t-shirt prizes) and a Twitter feed. In addition to promoting these features, VAC's website showcases a virtual scrapbook of 75 personal quotes from Vermont citizens and artists who value the role that the arts play in their lives and livelihoods.

For more information about this campaign, contact VAC Communications Associate Jen Pelletier.