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Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Economic Impact Calculator
Georgia Council for the Arts

To provide timely and targeted data demonstrating the value of the arts, the Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) has launched a new Economic Impact Calculator. This easily accessible, web-based tool uses information from GCA grantees to calculate the impact of the arts on cities, counties and the state as a whole. This tool was developed by a renowned economist on the staff of Georgia State University. It uses expense and audience information from nonprofit arts organizations to perform its calculations. Unlike other available impact calculators, this system is tailored to Georgia's unique economy by using precise county and city population data and adjusting for applicable local and state tax rates.

To date, Georgia's calculator includes information from 140 arts nonprofits. According to the calculator, these organizations have produced more than $7.7 million in incremental sales tax revenues and a total economic impact of more than $174 million. The data indicate that arts grantees are providing a 425% tax revenue return on their GCA awards.

GCA will be encouraging all nonprofit arts groups in Georgia to add their information into the system over time. The results will be shared with elected officials and with chambers of commerce, visitor bureaus and development authorities across the state. An accompanying PowerPoint presentation with talking points helps grantees and advocates understand the system and use the information to make a persuasive case for the arts in Georgia. For more information, contact GCA Public Information Officer Jhai James.



Career Opportunity Grants
Oregon Arts Commission

Career Opportunity grantee Marie Watt involves others in creating her artwork, stitching pieces from reclaimed blankets. Photo courtesy of the Oregon Arts Commission and the artist

Career Opportunity grantee Marie Watt involves others in creating her artwork, stitching pieces from reclaimed blankets. Photo courtesy of the Oregon Arts Commission and the artist

The Oregon Arts Commission (OAC) provides annual Career Opportunity Grants to individual artists seeking to take advantage of significant opportunities to advance their careers. Designed to support artists as both creators and entrepreneurs, these grants can be used to acquire new business or artistic skills or to participate in national or international exhibits, competitions or other special opportunities that will meaningfully advance an artist's career.

To further expand this program, OAC recently announced a new public-private collaboration. Artists applying for Career Opportunity Grants from OAC will be able to tap additional funds from a new Ford Family Foundation program designed to assist midcareer visual artists. These supplemental dollars may be used to help eligible artists address unanticipated hardships or seize new opportunities that would dramatically assist their artistic practice or professional success. The combined application process will be managed by OAC.

By joining together, OAC and The Ford Family Foundation are maximizing their funds and making it easier for artists across the state to access those resources. To learn more, contact OAC Assistant Director Shannon Planchon.



Maine-New Brunswick Cultural Initiative
Maine Arts Commission

The state of Maine recently entered into an international agreement with its neighboring Canadian province of New Brunswick. Maine's governor and New Brunswick's premier signed a formal memorandum of understanding to establish a Maine-New Brunswick Cultural Initiative that will:

Work on this initiative began with a task force that included Maine Arts Commission (MAC) Executive Director Donna McNeil. The task force recently completed an initial assessment of cross-border cultural exchange between Maine and New Brunswick. The assessment highlighted ways to capitalize on existing collaborations and noted the significant potential jobs growth and economic impact of increasing cultural cooperation. In the coming months, the task force will develop specific steps to be implemented leading up to the Acadian World Congress in 2014. For additional information, contact MAC Media and Performing Arts Associate Kerstin Gilg.



The Choice is Art Campaign
Arizona Arts Commission

The Arizona Commission on the Arts (ACA) recently launched The Choice is Art, a four-year promotional campaign for the arts in Arizona. Part of ACA's strategic plan, the campaign aims to increase public understanding about the benefits of the arts, to encourage public participation in the arts, and to fortify a privately held arts endowment whose funds can be utilized in support of statewide arts programs.

The Choice is Art poster

The campaign is attracting prominent spokespeople, such as pro basketball player Grant Hill, who will record public service announcements for television, radio, print and Internet and will offer personal testimony about the impact of the arts on the lives of children and the role of the arts in developing dynamic communities.

The Choice is Art is focusing initially on the importance of arts education. Over four years the campaign will address additional issues, including the significant contributions of Arizona artists and arts professionals, the positive impact of the arts on community well-being, the economic impact of the arts, and the singular role of the arts in promoting cultural understanding. Find out more from ACA Communications and Research Director Casey Blake or ACA Deputy Director Jaime Dempsey.