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Friday, March 4, 2011

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Research on Demand

Per Capita Spending and Ranking, Appropriations Histories, and Other Funding Questions

NASAA Director of Research Angela Han

As a national source of information on public arts funding, NASAA provides a knowledge network and a fact base to help state arts agencies make informed policy decisions and put their own state's needs and experiences in context. Providing customized responses to member questions is a hallmark of NASAA. This column offers specific examples of the NASAA research services available and shows how they can be customized to meet your needs.

Some of the most frequent requests for information NASAA receives are about the state-by-state per capita spending and rankings data NASAA produces annually. These calculations of state arts agency funds spent per person in each state provide a useful benchmark. The current year's per capita spending and ranking tableNASAA member-only content, as well as a FAQ, are available on NASAA's website.

Members can request customized information on this topic. Here are some questions members have asked about per capita data:

Members can request customized information on other funding topics. Questions members have asked about legislative appropriations and funding include:

Contact Angela Han to request customized information. For an overview of fiscal year 2011 state arts agency legislative appropriations, consult the press release, the full FY2011 Legislative Appropriations Annual SurveyNASAA member-only content report, and the State Budget CenterNASAA member-only content. Additional information on funding and why government should support the arts is available on the NASAA website.

NASAA member-only content To access this member-only content, you must be registered and logged in to the NASAA website. See Login Help or contact Dora Shick for assistance.