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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Advocacy Platform
Nevada Arts Council Board of Directors


Each year the board of directors of the Nevada Arts Council (NAC) issues a policy statement to guide its work with legislators, advocates and constituents. These statements assert the board's position on funding and policy issues and provide leadership for advocates across the state. This year's advocacy platform includes a concise justification for the agency based on economics, education and state values. After highlighting the significant cuts (43%) enacted to NAC's budget last year, the statement urges policymakers to sustain level funding for "one of Nevada's smallest, yet most efficient and innovative state agencies." For more information about the platform and related council leadership efforts in Nevada, contact NAC Chair Tim Jones or Executive Director Susan Boskoff.


North Carolina

North Carolina SmART Cities / SmART Towns Initiative
North Carolina Arts Council

The North Carolina Arts Council (NCAC) is spearheading a collaborative initiative for arts-driven economic development: SmART Cities/SmART Towns. SmART Cities/SmART Towns is about using the arts, design and culture to strengthen the economies of North Carolina's communities. A task force comprised of business, civic, government and arts leaders recently released a draft framework for the initiative, which is designed to shape policy and practice at both the state and local levels. The framework recommends the pursuit of policies, partnerships, resource development and coordinated information dissemination in six key areas:

NCAC is coordinating the initiative and will manage a pilot program demonstrating the approach. Towns and cities with existing arts clusters, significant cultural traditions, and strong arts and civic leadership will be selected for participation in the pilot. For more information, contact NCAC Public Art and Community Design Director Brendan Greaves.



Delaware Division of the Arts

At the Delaware Art Museum, Delaware Division of the Arts Director Paul Weagraff (right) interviews Grand Opera House Executive Director Steve Bailey for a ContentDelaware.org video.

The Delaware Division of the Arts (DDA) is collaborating with Serviam Media, Inc., to feature the arts in ContentDelaware.org, a new website designed to showcase the state's natural, cultural, civic and business amenities. The site promotes Delaware resources to both residents and visitors through high-quality streaming videos that highlight many different dimensions of life in Delaware.

The arts are the first resource area to be featured on the new website. The video series features introductions to more than two dozen Delaware arts organizations through interviews hosted by DDA Director Paul Weagraff. Organizations were selected for participation through a unique community-centered programming approach featuring a volunteer editorial advisory board made up of members from the Delaware community. A second series of short documentaries on 12 organizations that have had a profound impact on Delawareans and their communities will feature prominently on the new site. The initiative uses effective storytelling techniques and compelling visual footage to raise public awareness of the vibrant arts organizations and opportunities in Delaware.

All videos featured on ContentDelaware.org are available to participating organizations for posting on their own websites in what is envisioned as mutually beneficial reciprocation. To learn more, contact Delaware Division of the Arts Director Paul Weagraff, or Sharon Baker of Serviam Media, Inc.