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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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Research on Demand

State Arts Agency Fact Sheet:
Federal-State Partnership

NASAA Director of Research Angela Han

NASAA's new fact sheet, Return on Investment: The Federal Government, States and the Arts, provides a one-page overview of the relationship between the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and state arts agencies. Collaboration with state arts agencies extends the reach of federal dollars and increases the impact and influence of the NEA in many ways. State arts agencies help to increase the NEA's visibility and achieve federal goals and mandates, while also responding to the needs specific of the communities in their state.

Grant Comparison
National Endowment for the Arts Direct Grants
and State Arts Agency Grants

Total Grants Awarded

NEA Direct Grants


State Arts Agency Grants


Total Grant Dollars Awarded

NEA Direct Grants 


State Arts Agency Grants


Grants to Rural / Nonmetropolitan Areas

% of NEA Direct Grants


% of State Arts Agency Grants


% U.S. Population Residing Rural / Nonmetropolitan Areas


By congressional mandate, the NEA allocates 40% of its annual grant-making dollars to state arts agencies and their regional arts organizations. This allocation leverages many additional resources, as state arts agencies match federal funds with state legislative appropriations and other dollars. These matching funds yield a return of more than 200:1 on NEA partnership funds allocated to states.

The federal investment in the NEA serves as a foundation to help communities develop their creative resources. Citizens' return on this investment is significantly increased by the NEA's partnership with the nation's state arts agencies.

Members interested in further details or comparative information for their state can contact NASAA research staff with their request.