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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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Pure Michigan Radio Spots
Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

The Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) has teamed up with the Pure Michigan tourism advertising campaign to produce a new radio commercial aimed at promoting the arts in Michigan. The one-minute ad is narrated by celebrity Tim Allen, a Michigan native. Entitled "Front Row," the spot encourages visitors to enjoy a "casual" and "up close and personal" experience with the arts at the state's numerous art fairs, theatres, music halls and other cultural venues. The radio spot will run during the summer in selected midsized markets in Indiana and Ohio.

The Pure Michigan campaign was initiated by the state of Michigan and has produced numerous video and radio spots featuring Michigan celebrities promoting the state's tourism amenities. Since its launch in 2006, the campaign has attracted seven million out-of-state visitors to the Great Lakes State, visitors who spent $2 billion at Michigan businesses and paid $138 million in Michigan taxes. Pure Michigan generated $3.29 in tax revenue for the state for each dollar spent on advertising. The campaign has received numerous advertising honors, including the David Ogilvy Award for Excellence in Advertising Research, inclusion in Forbes's list of top 10 all-time best travel campaigns, and several Mercury Awards from the National Council of State Tourism Directors. For more information about the new arts ad, contact MCACA Executive Director John Bracey.



Value Plus Schools Evaluation Report
Tennessee Arts Commission

Value Plus Schools

Dance helps Value Plus Schools students in Covington, Tennessee, learn how sound waves travel. Photo by Kim Leavitt, Tennessee Arts Commission

The Tennessee Arts Commission (TAC) recently announced the release of Changing Tennessee Schools through Arts Integration, the evaluation results of TAC's Value Plus Schools program. The report synthesizes four years of research about student achievement, educators' perceptions of the program and common denominators for successfully integrating the arts into all aspects of student instruction and school culture. The study's headline findings include these:

The report documents unique aspects of the program and the lessons learned through the initiative's implementation. The report is deliberately non-academic in its language and design in order to make the information inviting and accessible to multiple audiences. The results are being used to inform future TAC policy and programming, including the agency's new Arts360 initiative. For more information on the evaluation, contact TAC Director of Arts Education Kim Leavitt.



Gang Prevention Partnership
Oklahoma Arts Council

An Oklahoma City Police Department program is using the arts to stop kids from joining gangs. Through a partnership with the Oklahoma Arts Council (OAC), the Oklahoma City Police Department's gang prevention program—Family Awareness and Community Teamwork (FACT)—has added arts activities as positive alternatives for local youth at two Oklahoma City community centers. The program aims to intervene with at-risk youth before they become embedded in local gangs.

In addition to receiving safe space, mentoring and regular meals, FACT participants enjoy a variety of creative activities such as discussing gang-related movies and music, storytelling workshops, poetry writing, and hands-on film and video production classes. Other activities have included appearances by Oklahoma University football players and a mock trial for hip-hop music, with youths acting out the prosecutor and defender roles. OAC provides support in the form of grant funding, program planning and program oversight. To learn more about the collaboration, contact OAC Director of Arts Education Michael Eddens.