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Tuesday, August 4, 2011

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Executive Director's Column

FY2012 Legislative Session: Headlines, What's Working for SAAs

NASAA Executive Director Jonathan Katz

It has been a challenging stretch for state arts agencies as state legislatures made tough decisions about funding. The experiences of several states offer insight into how SAAs handled what came their way and illustrate successful approaches to sustaining public arts funding under duress.


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Legislative Update

House Defeats Attempts to Cut Arts Funding

NASAA Legislative Counsel Thomas L. Birch

House Republicans and Democrats joined in bipartisan support for federal arts funding in the Interior Appropriations Bill for fiscal year 2012, defeating attempts at further cuts in the NEA budget.


State to State

Showcasing State Arts Agency Ingenuity

Montana Arts Council Receives Funding from U.S. Department of Agriculture for Native American and Rural Artists . . . Californians Donate Income Tax to Arts Council . . .


Research on Demand

Fiscal Year 2012 Per Capita Legislative Appropriations Data

NASAA Research Director Ryan Stubbs

NASAA's newly released Fiscal Year 2012 Legislative Appropriations Preview summarizes how state arts agencies fared during this year's budget deliberations. . . .