What is the member login?

 The login allows access to pages or special features that are restricted to NASAA members. Members register and create a password to gain access to these areas of the website.

Am I a NASAA member?

NASAA's membership is comprised of the staff and council members of state arts agencies. If your state arts agency is a NASAA member, so are you! If you are not a NASAA member, you still can enjoy access to a wide range of useful content on NASAA website; just start at our home page.

How can I register?

Registration is for NASAA members only. Contact NASAA Communications Manager Sue Struve to request a link to a registration page. The entire registration process, from filling in the form to receiving confirmation, should take only a couple of minutes.

How do I log in?

Just click  (in the upper right on each page) and enter your e-mail address and password. "Welcome, [your name]!" will appear at the top of the page. Now you can access NASAA member-only content.

Do I need to log in every time I visit the site?

No. If you initially log in on each computer, browser or device—and check the Stay logged in box—the website will recognize you when you return, unless you log out. If you are not staying logged in, you may need to adjust your Internet browser settings to enable cookies and remember your password. Need help? Contact Communications Manager Sue Struve.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password, click  (in the upper right on each page), click the Forgot password link in the pop-up box that appears, then enter your e-mail address in the next screen and click that Forgot password link. Your password will be e-mailed to that address.

What if my name or e-mail address changes, or I want to change my password?

First, log in using your old e-mail address and password. In the upper right of the page, click the Edit your profile link. On the page that appears, make the new changes you'd like.

What do you do with my registration information?

NASAA requires minimal information to register members, and we don't share your e-mail address or any other personal information. We only use this information to keep our NASAA member records up to date.

Can you help me?

Absolutely! NASAA can provide technical support or—in a pinch—we can register for you. Just contact Communications Manager Sue Struve for help.

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