State arts agencies today must contend with shrinking budgets and reduced funds for programs, operations, personnel and communications. Travel restrictions have reduced opportunities for face-to-face contact with constituents. At the same time, demands for the use of new technology are increasing. There are rising expectations of connectedness and immediacy among constituents. The public expects 24/7 access to information and real-time updates of important issues and opportunities. Also, given the state fiscal environment, it's never been more important for state arts agencies to be able to express their value in clear, accessible ways.

To navigate these complex intersections, state arts agencies have become highly creative in their uses of technology to manage their resources, operate efficiently and provide services to the public.

This sampler offers an introduction to the ways that state arts agencies are using new technology to meet their communications and public outreach goals. For more information, see the links and examples below or contact Communications Manager Sue Struve.


N.C. Arts Council
DC Commission on Arts and Humanities
Vermont Arts Council
SC Arts Commission
Mississippi Arts Commission

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Communities of Practice

  • Oregon Arts Commission: As a part of the Sustaining Oregon Arts: A Capacity Building Initiative, the Oregon Arts Commission (OAC) developed an on-line community that contains discussion forums, learning groups, a resources area, an initiative events calendar and the wire, the sites microblogging feature. The site is managed in collaboration with the consulting firm TCC Group. To learn more about the Sustaining Oregon Arts on-line community, contact OAC Deputy Director Shannon Planchon.
  • Utah Arts Council: Change Leader Network The Utah Arts Council has developed an invitation only NING social networking site for the participants of its Change Leader Program. The purpose of this site is to maintain the vibrant, ongoing community created during the program. Change Leaders use this network to share information, strategy and encouragement in a secure environment.
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