Layout and typeface make key points easy to locate and read

Language is concise and appropriate for the audience

Graphics are clear, easy to understand, and can be read after photocopying

Visuals and photos of arts activities appear in the plan

Paper stock used does not obscure the contents

Design is consistent with the agency's:


  • image

  • role as an agent of the arts

  • other printed materials

  • There is a table of contents or other organizing tool

    One or more appropriate versions are available to meet differing needs of:


  • taxpayers/the public

  • funders (NEA, foundations, etc.)

  • legislators

  • artists, arts agencies and other nonprofits

  • the business community

  • Available in large type, Braille, audio, etc.

    Translated into languages spoken by key constituencies

    Available via the Web

    The plan provides proper acknowledgment for and/or lists of:


  • fiscal sponsors

  • primary partners

  • primary writer(s)

  • key participants (in focus groups, community meetings, etc.)

  • staff

  • council members
  • Executive Summary

    Is concise and identifies main priorities

    Includes directions on how different constituents can make use of the plan

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