One of NASAA's primary roles is to be an information hub for and about state arts agencies. NASAA monitors state arts agency trends and documents the scope and impact of state arts agency activities. We also harvest information from other research providers that is relevant to the arts and to government arts support. Our research reports and on-call information services keep state arts agencies and others abreast of the latest developments in state arts agency funding, policies and programs. Information available on the NASAA website includes:

Key Topics

NASAA is a clearinghouse for information on a variety of issue areas affecting public arts policy. These topics include:


Graph of state arts agency appropriations

NASAA is the authoritative source for information on state arts agency budgets. We provide:

  • Current data on state arts agency revenues, including legislative appropriations levels, per capita funding and state rankings

  • Presentations and summaries that synthesize key trends in public funding for the arts

  • Information on dedicated revenue strategies that are used to supplement state arts agency budgets

  • Historical data on state arts agency appropriations from 1970 to the present day

Grant Making

This section includes several overviews of state arts agency grant making as well as more detailed information on:

  • general operating support

  • grants to individual artists

  • support for local arts agencies

  • funding for arts education

  • National Endowment for the Arts grant making


Information about the structure of state arts agencies includes:

  • terms, powers and duties of state arts agency councils

  • state arts agency staffing and compensation data

  • agency structure and organizational charts

  • placement of state arts agencies within state government

Best Practices

State to State image

NASAA facilitates the transfer of ideas, helping state arts agencies to pioneer, share and apply knowledge about serving the public effectively.

  • State to State is a monthly summary of innovative state arts agency policies and programs.

  • Strategy Samplers outline a range of ways that state art agencies have addressed various policy goals and funding challenges.

  • NASAA's analysis of the NEA Partnership Agreement Panel each year highlights current issues and trends in the field.

  • Contending with Economic Uncertainty helps state arts agencies respond to the latest state fiscal crisis.

  • NASAA conference proceedings and Web seminars feature a wide range of research and best practice ideas.

Planning and Accountability

NASAA helps state arts agencies with a variety of planning, evaluation and accountability activities.

  • The Strategic Planning Resource Center offers planning advice, sample plans and how-to tips.

  • Public Value resources help state arts agencies achieve excellence in public management.

  • The National Standard Reference Center assists state arts agencies with their federal reporting requirements.

  • Evaluation and performance measurement resources help users to document the impact of the arts on local communities.

For additional information, state arts agency members are encouraged to contact the NASAA research staff for questions or customized information assistance at any time.

NASAA's mission is to strengthen state arts agencies.
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