The NASAA community comes together to support our work in many ways. Sometimes people give their time and talent. Other times people give gifts of financial and material goods. Such in-kind gifts help offset direct operating expenses and also help us to match grants and other contributed income.

In fiscal year 2014*, NASAA members and supporters donated more than 2,500 hours of time to help advance our work on behalf of state arts agencies. This includes serving on the board; on committees, task forces or advisory groups; and/or presenting at NASAA events, such as web seminars and conferences. We also received in-kind gifts that offset venue rentals, travel costs, technology expenses, special events and artist fees. If you would like to learn more about in-kind giving to NASAA, please contact Dora Shick.

Strong participation from our members makes for a strong association—which in turn strengthens the entire state arts agency field. Our work would not be possible without the dedicated involvement of members and friends.

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for their in-kind support.

Alex Aldrich

Jennifer Armstrong

Pam Breaux

Benjamin Brown

Michael J. Charron

Theresa Colvin

Rebecca Cruse

Diane Daily

Shannon Daut

Sherry Davis

Jamie Dunlap

Camellia El-Antably

Michael Faison

Loie Fecteau

Arlynn Fishbaugh

Tom Gaeng

Sarah Gardner

Gary Gibbs

Julie Hale

Wendi Hassan

Lynnette Hiskey

Philip Horn

Margaret Hunt

Bobby Kadis

Susan S. Landis

Todd Lowe

Bill Mandicott

Ken May

Dorothy Pierce McSweeny

Lori Meadows

David A. Miller

Alex Nelson

Argy Nestor

Susan Oetgen

Karen L. Paty

Joy Pennington

Rebecca T. Quinn

Lewis Ricci

Rodrigue Studios

John Rohman

Randall Rosenbaum

Susan Salkin

Mary Margaret Schoenfeld

Sheila Sears

Sandy Shaughnessy

Malissa Feruzzi Shriver

Marty Skomal

Rusty Sox

Charles V. Stanhope

Lionell Thomas

Deborah Vaughn

Brian Wagner

Craig Watson

Ardath Weaver

Chuck Winkler

Suzanne Wise


This list acknowledges in-kind gifts made after October 1, 2013. Please report any corrections to Dora Shick.

* October 1, 2013 – September 30, 2014

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