In-kind contributors

In fiscal year 2016*, NASAA members and supporters donated more than 2,400 hours of time to help advance our work on behalf of state arts agencies. This support makes a big impact by helping us offset direct expenses and match grants and other contributed income. To learn more about in-kind giving to NASAA, please contact Laura Smith.

Thank you to all the following individuals and organizations for their in-kind support.

Kira Bacon

Danny Belanger

John Bracey

Benjamin Brown

Sherilyn Brown

Theresa Colvin

Dennis Dewey

Rebecca Engelman

Michael Faison

Loie Fecteau

Janelle Fletcher

Tatiana Gant

Gary Gibbs

Karen Hanan

Garbo Hearne

Margaret Hunt

Bobby Kadis

Susan S. Landis

Michael Lange

Todd P. Lowe

Suzanne Lynch

Antzee Magruder

Cassandra Mason

Chiquita Mullins Lee

Argy Nestor

Parthenon, LLC

Karen L. Paty

Sally Peterson

Joseph Piearson

Julie Richard

Randall Rosenbaum

Nola Ruth

Sandy Shaughnessy

David Slatery

C. Russel Sox

Charles V. Stanhope

Christine Stewart

John Strickland

Chad Swan-Badgero

Deborah Vaughn

Julie Shiffer Vigeland

Chuck Winkler

Suzanne Wise

This list acknowledges in-kind gifts made after October 1, 2015. Please report any corrections to Katie Hughes.

*October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016

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