NASAA gratefully acknowledges the support of individuals from across the country. Gifts to the NASAA Annual Fund support our ground-breaking advocacy, research, leadership training, and other programs and services that strengthen state arts agencies. If you would like to join this group, please contact Dora Shick, or visit our Support NASAA page. Thank you!

Leadership Circle $1,000+

Lynda Clark Adelstein 1

Camellia El-Antably 2

Jim Harrison III 3

Susan S. Landis* 9

Todd P. Lowe* 6

Martha S. MacDonell 10

Maynard C. Smith Construction Company, Inc. 2

Jeff Rich 3

Barbara S. Robinson 11

Diane P. Stewart 3

Ginger Warner 6

Patron $500-$999

Max Armentrout 3

Lona A. Barrick 4

Patricia Bizzell 4

Patrice Bugelas-Brandt 4

Mary Campbell-Zopf 2

John B. and Delores C. Fery 11

Stephen B. Hill/Hillco, Ltd. 9

Bobby Kadis 10

Dorothy Pierce McSweeny 10

Clement Alexander Price 2

Aby Rosen 2

Nola Ruth 4

Laura S. Smith 11

Charles V. Stanhope 3

Carol Trawick 3

Lisa Alderman 2

Anonymous 4

Rita and Mike Basom 5

Sharon Beshore 3

Pam Breaux* 9

David W. Briggs and John F. Benton 8

Gerri Combs 11

Mary Michael Corbett 2

Sherry Davis 1

Lisa Dent 2

John Divine 4

Lu Ellsworth 11

Michael Faison 5

David J. Fraher 10

Virginia Gowski2

Julie Henahan* 5

Margaret Hunt* 3

Jonathan Katz 4

George Koch 5

William Mandicott* 5

Ken May 5

David A. Miller 7

Rebecca T. Quinn* 4

Bruce A. Richardson 8

Randall Rosenbaum* 5

Barbara Saromines-Ganne 2

Scott Shanklin-Peterson 5

Jeannette Sias 5

Marcia Neuhaus Speck 4

Paul B. Stavros 8

Susan Steinhauser and
  Daniel Greenberg 5

Suzette Surkamer 10

James A. West 2

Bill Watkins 1


Sustainer $100-$249

Michael Alexander and Victoria Kirsch 5

Mark Anderson 1

Peggy J. Baggett 8

Kim Baker* 2

Kelly Barsdate 4

Barbara Bershon 2

Robert C. Booker 12

Susan Boskoff 3

Virginia Bobins, The Robert Thomas
  Bobins Foundation 1

Bill and Ruth Botzow 11

Jean B. Boyer Cowling 4

John Bracey* 5

Dr. Roger C. Brooks 4

Benjamin Brown* 4

Carol R. Brown 10

D. David Brown 3

Patty A. and Robert W. Bryant 1

Peggy Burnet 1

Patsy White Camp 2

Michael J. Charron* 4

Robert B. Clasen 4

Shelley Cohn 9

Maria Cole 1

Theresa Colvin 4

Alan W. Cooper 2

Elaine D'Alessandri 2

Christine D'Arcy 2

Sara Jane DeHoff 5

Willie J. Dell 3

Patricia and Dennis Dewey 4

Michael Donovan 2

Craig Dreeszen 8

Don Ehman 3

Karen Ellerbrook 3

Loie Fecteau 6

Arlynn Fishbaugh* 9

William G. Francis 12

Mrs. Julie H. Friedman 2

Sue Gens 1

Gary Gibbs* 4

Richard A. Givens, II 5

Adam Gottlieb 1

Nancy Harbour 6

M. Susan Hardwick 2

Kay Hardy 4

Linda Hatchel 3

Dr. Sarah Lynn Hayes 2

Al Head 3

Garbo Hearne* 1

Dr. Jon Hinrichs 1

Mark and Lynn Hofflund 10

Susan C. Hogan 3

Cinda Holt 2

Philip Horn 6

Steve and DeEtta King Hunter 3

Julie J. Jacobson 5

A. Everette James, Jr. 2

Muriel P. Johnson 4

Jackie Kahle 5

Margaret Kannenstine 8

Lynn Kessler 8

Margot Knight 4

Maria Kompare 2

Monica Kridler 1

Carleen Layne 1

Randall W. Lengeling, M.D. 3

Liza Lewis 1

Julia Lowell 7

Elaine Mariner 5

Maryland Citizens for the Arts 3

Ray McKinney 2

Lori Meadows 5

Larry and Cindy Meeker 2

Mary Jane S. Myers 2

Bob Nefsky 1

Michael Pangburn 4

Karen L. Paty 4

Dr. Tom Pearson 1

Joy Pennington 5

Bernice B. Price 9

Billye Proctor Shaw 7

Mary Regan 5

Suzie Rentschler 1

Lewis and Maggie Ricci 3

Linda Rochester 3

Rosita Romero 2

Mrs. Carol Rothschild 3

Mary Margaret Schoenfeld* 4

Sandy Shaughnessy* 7

Malissa Feruzzi Shriver* 5

Rusty Sox 1

Karen Stewart 3

Richard Q. Stifel 1

Phyllis J. Stough 2

Beverly Strohmeyer 3

Terry Tempest Williams 1

Lionell Thomas* 3

Dr. Louise Toppin 3

Roanne H. Victor 4

Julie Vigeland 2

Craig Watson 1

Paul Weagraff 3

Lisa and Andy Weil 2

John W. Willingham 2

Timothy Wilson 2

Suzanne Wise 7

Rosalind Wyman 3

Friend $50-$99

Carolyn S. Allen 1

Lisa Shaffer Anderson 3

Dr. Sonya G. Baker and
  Mr. Michael J. Fazio 3

Carmen Boston 4

Marian Boyd 1

Rich Boyd 4

Mrs. Shawn Brevard 2

Dale W. Brock 1

Carroll County Arts Council 2

Nicki and Peter Clarke 10

Myrna Colley-Lee 4

Merle Jo Crandall 9

Lyndra P. Daniel 2

Jaime Dempsey 4

Barbara Edwards 3

Lynn Martin Graton 2

Fritz Jellinghaus, Chairman,
  Connecticut Arts Council 1

Dennis Kavanaugh 10

Henrietta Kemp 2

Kathleen Kuszak 3

Marianne Maurin Kilroy 1

Dana La Fonta 3

Eva Laird Smith 1

Mollie Lakin-Hayes 1

Judy Langley 5

Ira Lapidus 3

Lou MacMillan 1

Betty L. Mahoney 6

George R. Marks 1

Cindy S. McGhee 2

Lise Monty 3

Mrs. H. Taylor Morrissette 3

Cynthia A. Murray-Beliveau 3

Dean Opp/Summer Performing Arts 3

Mark Patnode 1

Rhoda A. Pierce 7

Jeff Pierson 1

Shannon Planchon 4

Betty Plumb 3

Rob Pulleyn 3

Doug and Betsy Purcell 2

Rosemary Reinhardt 1

John Rohman 9

Steve Runk 5

Thomas H. Sayre 8

Barbara Schaffer Bacon 2

Tom Schorgl 3

Marty Skomal 4

Carol Templeton 2

Marcia Thalhimer 2

Kris Tucker 5

Randall Vaughn 2

Ken Verdoia 1

Sara Vance Waddell 1

Lana Gold Walder 4

Sherman Warner 1

Lenna M. Watson 2

Jan Webb 5

Stuart Weiser 1

Samuel A. Winans 4

Advocate $25-$49

Cyndy Andrus 1

David Boger 1

Lori Crawford 2

Mildred J. Franco 3

Ralph Frohsin, Jr. 7

Sara W. Germain 1

Rick Johnson 1

Marie Junaluska 1

Mrs. Wm. A. Middleton 2

Edward C. Oliver 4

Jaxon Ravens 1

Lisa Robb 3

Terri B. Salazar 4

Allison Sarmo 1

Ms. Ann C. Smith 3

Suzanne Tate 3

Janice A. Taylor 4

Shelley Weisberg 1

Ann Weisman 4

Gifts Made in Honor

In honor of Kelly Barsdate, problem solver, made by Lisa Robb

In honor of Christine D'Arcy, made by Jean B. Boyer Cowling

In honor of Kay Goodwin, Cabinet Secretary, West Virginia Education and the Arts,
made by Susan S. Landis

In honor of Ruth Gottlieb, made by Adam Gottlieb

In honor of Lynn Martin Graton, made by Sara W. Germain

In honor of Jonathan Katz, made by John Divine

In honor of the outstanding contributions of Jonathan Katz to NASAA, made by Al Head

In honor of Jonathan Katz, made by Barbara Schaffer Bacon

In honor of Jonathan Katz, made by Scott Shanklin-Peterson

In honor of Susan Landis, made by Susan C. Hogan

In honor of the Ohio Arts Council staff, made by Mary Campbell-Zopf

In honor of the staff of the Ohio Arts Council, made by Julie Henahan

In honor of Pablo Pua'a, a pig who loves art more than most people,
made by Benjamin Brown

In honor of Becky Quinn, made by Lisa and Andy Weil

In honor of Laura Smith, made by Patricia Bizzell

In memory of Bonnie Bernholz, Former Chair of the Alaska State Council on the Arts,
made by Timothy Wilson

In memory of Alice Merrill Horne, made by Margaret Hunt

In memory of George Rodrigue, made by Pam Breaux

In memory of Leonard Rosenstein, made by Susan S. Landis

In recognition of Theresa Colvin, Executive Director, and all the staff of the
Maryland State Arts Council, made by Bill Mandicott

On behalf of the District of Columbia, made by George Koch

On behalf of New Hampshire, made by Nicki and Peter Clarke

* 2014 NASAA Board Member

This list acknowledges individuals who have contributed to NASAA's Annual Fund since the start of fiscal year 2013 (October 1, 2012). The number after each name identifies the number of years giving since 2003, and the categories reflect the most recent level of giving.

We apologize for any omissions or errors. Please report any corrections to Dora Shick.

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